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With the considerable advancement in Medical Aesthetics it’s now possible to rejuvenate your face and body without having to go under the knife.

At First Clinical we take pride in making sure confidentiality, dignity and trust are at the forefront of each patient’s journey. We want you to feel comfortable and at ease, making your experience as smooth and worry-free possible. We have put together a collection of treatments that can deliver outstanding results, and get you back to your daily routine much quicker than cosmetic surgery.

Our range of procedures include: FAT busting injections, non surgical BUTTOCK augmentation and even VAGINAL rejuvenation, all without surgery.



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We deliver a truly personal service from the first consultation through to post-operative care, making sure each patient feels special. After all, we want all our patients to have total confidence in what we aim to achieve.

Our team includes Plastic Surgeons. Doctors, Dental Surgeons and Nurse Practitioners.

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