Sometimes childbirth, trauma, or illness can leave your vagina damaged, making sex painful instead of enjoyable. So, what can you do to solve the problem?

Vaginal rejuvenation

The correct term for a ‘designer vagina’ is vaginal rejuvenation. The traditional vaginal rejuvenation procedure involves a combination of a procedure called a vaginoplasty (tightening the vagina) and a vulvaplasty or labiaplasty (reshaping the labia or vulva).

How traditional vaginal rejuvenation is carried out

labiaplasty is generally performed with a laser and you will be given a general anaesthetic. All excess or unwanted tissue is cut away and the treated area is neatly stitched, leaving your genital area looking neat and tidy and tightening up your vagina. You’ll need to take pain relief for a couple of days immediately following the procedure, but bleeding is minimal due to the cauterising effect of the laser.

The procedure is usually carried out at an accredited surgical cosmetic clinic or in hospital on an outpatient basis. You can usually go home the same day, as long as there is someone there to look after you. After surgery you’ll have some bruising, swelling, and pain, but recovery is usually complete within a couple of months.

A non-surgical alternative

First Clinical Aesthetics offer an alternative to the traditional surgical designer vagina procedure with vaginal rejuvenation injections.

Hyaluronic acid is injected into the outer area of the vagina, using a very fine needle. This helps to plump-up the labia, giving a fuller, more youthful appearance. Before the hyaluronic acid is applied, a topical local anaesthetic is used to numb the area so you won’t feel any pain.

The whole procedure takes just 30 minutes, and you can go home immediately afterwards. There’s no lengthy recovery time and the effects are immediate.

In conclusion

A vaginal rejuvenation procedure can really help to improve vagina tightness and the external appearance of your genitals. For more information and to find out how a ‘designer vagina’ procedure could be of benefit to you, contact the experts at First Clinical Aesthetics for a discrete, confidential chat.