A non-surgical butt lift, or non-surgical buttock enhancement, helps to improve the shape, definition and appearance of your bum, giving you instant results.

Non-surgical buttock enhancement

One of the reasons non-surgical buttock enlargements have become so popular is that there is virtually no downtime involved in recovery, with results being instant. The procedure uses a combination of technologies and techniques to melt away cellulite and fat pockets which cause a lumpy, dimpled appearance. The procedure involves injecting hyaluronic acid into the buttocks to help them appear smoother and more shapely. The procedure can also help to reduce lines caused by stretch marks and cellulite. Fat is naturally broken down within the body, helping the thighs and saddlebags also appear more aligned with your new, smoother silhouette. This procedure means not only the bum is being given a smoother silhouette but the top of the legs too.

Benefits of non-surgical buttock enlargement

On top of the recovery time being basically nonexistent thanks to the non-invasive method of treatment, the process is also a lot cheaper than a traditional buttock augmentation. Traditional processes require the surgical redistribution of fat tissue into the buttocks to achieve the desired appearance. But this is both an expensive and potentially risky procedure. Because traditional surgical methods are so intrusive the recovery period is also a lot longer than a non-surgical procedure.

The procedure is performed by a fully qualified Aesthetics Doctor or GMC plastic surgeon, and only takes half an hour – meaning you are able to return straight home after treatment.

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