Bum Injections

Bum injections are a great alternative to our surgical implants. This injectable bum filler treatment is ideal for patients who are looking to improve and enhance their buttock and hip area without undergoing invasive and general surgery. The poly-l-lactic filler has been FDA approved since 2004. Its unique and individual way of stimulating your bodys own collagen can improve the lift, contouring and appearance of the hips and buttocks. This product is also great for improving the appearance of stretch marks, smoothing cellulite as well as bettering the skin quality.

This is a gradual treatment with results getting better with every session. Buttock fillers can help you to achieve improved projection, volume and some lifting can be achieved between two to four sessions.

FAQ's on Non-Surgical Buttock Enhancement

Here are the most common questions we get
asked about Non-Surgical Buttock Enhancements:

What should I expect

A: Results of this treatment are not instant. As you undergo your journey of creating volume and contouring, you will notice an improvement from six weeks onwards. The results will continue to improve over a six month period. From this, results will then last on average for two years. Following on from each treatment, a post –procedure massage will need to be undertaken. The importance of massaging will be discussed in your consultation with our practitioner.

Is It Painful?

A: Before treatment is undertaken, we apply topical numbing cream to the area. We also add lidocaine, local anaesthetic into the treatment to make it more comfortable and manageable. Normal activities can resume the same day.

Am I suitable for your treatment?

A: Those who are looking for lifting, contouring and some subtle volume in the buttocks and hip area are a good candidate for treatment. How many vials and sessions you need will depend on each individual and their desired result. The buttock and hip area is broken down into different areas:

How much does this cost?

A: The treatment starts from £1500 and continues to increase depending on your desired result.

Are Check Ups Included?

A: Yes, of course. The Doctor will see you afterwards to ensure everything is settling down.

You will also be given contact telephone numbers for any advice you need in between your visits to the clinic

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